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February 26, 2007


Colin Darling

Hi Caroline

Great to see you at the international event. The members of my 3rd year course group loved your input and thought it was really well placed int he "making connections between learning and practice spectrum". So that maybe separate from the ones in the "Several of the students (all post graduate students who are in managerial or professional jobs) flattered me with how good they thought my lecture.. and yet... there was too much of me, too much 'song and dance' and I wondered how much learning." - group which I suspect also included me.

Firstly we were able to hear you because you made it possible to start listening - "I tell reasonable jokes and can get an audience intrigued, stimulated and laughing." I reckon that's right.
Secondly, the energy levels raise the ability of the group to listen.
Thirdly, content was pitched at about right academic/theoretical level - for us anyway.
Fourthly, the "calling a systemic consultancy process a workshop" story about connecting to how people can hear you was helpful.
Fifthly, you gave us papers and references to go further with.
Sixthly, I suspect a lot of the internationals with ESL missed a lot of the jokes.
Seventhly, I think you are too hard on yourself.
Eightly, I'm knackered and thoroughly fed up and all I meant to do was log on and make a connection.

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